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September 21, 2013
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Could be dangerous. by FarTooManyIdeas Could be dangerous. by FarTooManyIdeas
The image I immediately saw in my mind, after watching the trailer. Though it probably won't be a still in the episode, had to be sketched. I suppose I simply needed to see them get a little closer to that fated reunion. Just now thought, why not write a little bit to accompany it? One way the reunion could go down, to include my sketch.

Well... Enjoy! :D

Sherlock: (Entering the restaurant and removing his coat, he walks more slowly than usual - yet directly towards his old friend, who seems to be waiting patiently at a table in the back for someone. Making it to be a few feet from table, Sherlock reaches out for John’s arm, having planned to first assure him of his existence.)

John: (Feeling someone approach to his left, he coolly offers the seat across from him, eyes remaining busy, searching the menu.) “Oh good Mary, I was just about to order...”

S: (With lips slightly parted, as he was just about to speak - and yet, perhaps not, he pauses. He’s suddenly reconsidering his words. Instead of speaking unpracticed lines, he takes the offer - though not intended for him, and quietly seats himself across from the unsuspecting John.)

J: (Having yet to look up from the menu, he reminisces.) “This reminds me of the day we met....” (John is now looking up, wide-eyed, and seeing him - the brilliant consulting detective, the only one in the world, the one to his knowledge, he saw commit suicide - his best friend to whom he owed so much - for whom he had grieved so much.) “Sherlock...” (His pulse jumps to a restless speed, and he would had shot right out of his seat, had his body not been left drifting, as he needed all his being to focus on what he was seeing. Sherlock smiles apologetically.)

S: (Distracted from the situation by his natural urge to survey his friend’s reaction, Sherlock is busy reading - intense on John’s stare, which appears blank - a result of too many emotions battling in his eyes and canceling each other out, shock - near-fright, confusion, happiness and depression being relived. After a few moments, Sherlock comes back from his studying and realizes he should say at least something given the situation - in addition, John is seeming to grow more and more uneasy - if that were even possible, rubbing his eyes in disbelief. For once Sherlock is a bit lost for the right words, but he manages something.) “I.. um... John?”

J: (After a minute of staring in complete disbelief at his believed-to-be-dead friend, who’s voice he’s also now heard - now echoing once again in his mind.) “Sherlock...” (His eyes seemed to fight back emotion.)

S: (Starting to explain.) “... I realize I must have-”

J: (In panic, thinking he is going crazy, hallucinating or something, John is angry with himself.) What the bloody hell is going on?!”

S: (In an failing effort to calm.) “... Straight to the point then. Hard as it may be to believe, John, I’m not dead. I can explain-”

J: "SHUT UP!" (He says loudly, drawing the attention of the whole room. Yet he is busy trying to grasp that statement which would make him not crazy, repeating it to try and get it in his head, hand to his forehead, wrinkles growing deeper between his brows.) “You’re not... You-” (Hand slightly lifted from the table, wanting reach out and make sure, but staying on it's side of the table.)

S: (Drawing material from his intended mental script.) “You saw what I meant for you to see.”

J: (John’s mouth is a small straight line.) “You-”

S: (Thinking he’d at least at first keep it simple for his friend - who’d always complained when he didn’t follow the reasoning behind deductions.) “I faked it. A trick... I’m sorry.”

J: “You faked it...” (After a long period of silence, and thoughts running through his head, John’s hand clenches into a fist resting on the table.)

S: (Noticing immediately, almost even before - and so feeling a tad unwelcome, Sherlock gets up, followed immediately by John’s standing abruptly.) “Well, I’ll be at our flat when-.”

J: (Wanting deep down to believe it, his mind now turns to delivering punishment.) “YOU-?!? NOW YOU LISTEN TO ME! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT YOU-!?? FOR YEARS YOU’VE LET ME THINK-!!! ... I- ..." (For a few seconds - having released what anger had quickly built up, the fire subsidies, his arms lower ever so slightly, and his joy at seeing Sherlock alive lights his eyes, which Sherlock notices with optimism. But the second passes and once again, John is in a rage.)

S: (Eyeing John’s fist as it and John were following him away from the table.) “Now John... Let’s-” (Just then, John throws himself and a stone-cold revengeful blow at Sherlock’s face. Though a blow to the face - not the legs, it is plenty to knock him off his balance, leaving Sherlock stumbling backwards and hitting a table, raising himself somewhat to attempt a more sincere apology.) “I’m am sorry, John.”

Mary: “John, WHAT are you doing?!” (Approaching concerned, yet unwilling to get in the middle whatever was happening, she just stands with a worried look and open mouth.)

J: (Ignoring her, too focused on yelling at the man steading himself against a nearby table.) “YAH, AND I’M BLOODY SORRY TOO! SORRY MY FRIEND IS SUCH A DICK HE APPARENTLY FAKED COMMITTING SUICIDE AND IS NOW STANDING HERE LIKE NOTHING F%^*#@G HAPPENED!!

S: (Noticing his own blood on his hand.) “I-...” (Falling a bit over himself, looking as apologetically as possible at John, whilst holding his bleeding nose.)

M: (Remembering the stories John had told her.) “NO... Is that?-”

J: (Having yet to break eye contact with Sherlock since first seeing him - and still not completely believing what he sees, the fury subsiding only to intense anger, he turns to leave, in need of more than air. For a moment though, before breaking eye contact, it seems written all over his face that he wants to embrace his friend, but he thinks better than to deny Sherlock his punishment, and takes his leave.) “Mary, I’ll be in the car.”

S: (Watches him go out the door, admittedly unhappy with not having his one friend back right away, yet knowing full well what he was going into and that he should have expected nothing less. Having been longingly watching the door through which his friend had left just moments ago, he eventually turns to Mary, who's expression is complex.)

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fe-fantasy93 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014
Fantastic drawing! And I enjoyed your scenario too, it wasn't too dissimilar from what really happened :D
FarTooManyIdeas Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014   General Artist
Thanks! :D
fe-fantasy93 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014
PrescottKaamf Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2013
I am so happy you made this :D, I didnīt had any idea of how that scene would be, now I have~

And also iīm a bit anxious about the release day, since last month they had ended filiming the eps yet I think it will be aired the next year :iconwhyplz: :iconsobbingplz:
FarTooManyIdeas Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2013   General Artist
Happy to make you happy. :D

I was waiting on this month... but yah, hearing about the filming, that was obviously not happening.
But I believe they said the release date will be January 1st in the states, on Masterpiece?
Since then, I've been crossing my fingers for BBC's premiere to be a couple days earlier, in December.
What has me on the edge of my seat is, rather than the wait, the fact that we just don't have an
exact date. 
They've got us all at the computer waiting for the smallest scrap of news about the date, like Ay karamba.
But hey. I'm super excited for The Fifth Estate. I did a project on WikiLeaks and am honestly interested,
so in this case, I can say it's not just Benedict taking me to the theater. Haha.

I'm going to be doing a canvas painting of Sherlock sometime soon, so if you're interested, by all means,
watch me. :D

PrescottKaamf Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013
Thanks to you for making an art piece. :) such amaze

Me too,I wasnīt prepared for it you know, they donīt really announce the actual release date, or I havenīt knew about it waah xD

Yeah, but as I have read about something that they would release it until January 19, close but not so close I donīt want to wait much longer :iconcanunotplz:
Exactly, they are fooling us and just making us anxious or somehow enthusiastic by releasing  justphotos (which I remember the latest of John and Sherlock before meeting, after Sherlock, well yeah.. and I remember your fanart and started reading in my mind the description and all :D), but I donīt have anything against it, I like them of course but they could at least tell us about the date :I

Me everytime something new about series 3 is announced :iconomfgplz:.

Yeah! I will also look forward for the premiere :D

I havenīt got alot into Sherlock lately , iīm such a mess this days, just need some sleep :) but of course, I would love to see more of your work~

FarTooManyIdeas Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2013   General Artist
   <--- In case you haven't already seen, this is what I made not that long ago. Made a time-lapse video to go with (in it's description if you're interested in seeing me having some silly slow-mo fun).

Hey, at least we have dates now (for Masterpiece); January 19th, 26th, and February 2nd! I Excited! :D

I get the sleep thing... Wish you luck with yours. 
Sleep ReVampSleep ReVamp
PrescottKaamf Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2013
I will surely look forward to your work~


By the way, do you know about the christmas special they are talking about, and some friends are telling me that the first ep will be airing in Jan 1st ?? asdksal

Iīm a bit confused :I
FarTooManyIdeas Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2013   General Artist

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
so i'll 'de-confuse' you as best i can. :)

- I did read that there is going to be a Christmas special, though I've no idea "when" they mean, when they say Christmas. :P 
  will have to wait for that info.

- But yah.. first episode will be airing NEW YEAR'S DAY. the UK airing dates and times for each episode are finally available!
  Now the question is simply.. how to watch it, when you aren't in the UK…. I'm gonna be glued to the computer for days i'm sure trying
  to figure out a way and if I don't find i way, I'll be glued to the computer from New Year's Day and until I can find it streamed online.
  seriously, They can't really think people will wait till it's over in the UK to watch it! (All the episodes will have aired in the UK by the time it
 starts showing other places).
                                                   Sherlock like seriously?!

p.s. if you haven't seen this yet, here's the latest taste:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

The Hobbit was SO awesome. Benedict makes quite a sexy dragon. hehe :D what i'm working on at the moment is a 'The Hobbit' sculpture.
look forward to it! :D 

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PrescottKaamf Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2013
Okay I got this, just have to wait for more info about the Christmas thingy~

-Woah wait new year, oh okay I think the first thing i'll do next year is be all day long on my computer or in T.V if it will be aired.
-Yeah I know, I think its not fair to wait that long :( but yea

OMG I SAW IT THE DAY IT WAS ANNOUNCED AND I WAS PLAYING ALL DAY LONG WITH IT. I don't remember how I got a code for the unlockable content :D

I really want to watch it, everyone is telling me about its awesomeness, so maybe soon I 'll be watching it ;D
and today it is the premiere of "Frozen" in my country, i'm so excited!

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